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Ok. so you want to build a Website.

You are in the right place! We build modern, simple web design for amazing small businesses like yours!

Whether you just want to dip your toe in the water with our one-page sites, or go next level to create an online extension of your business.

All our sites are custom – no job too small.  

Web Design is only one part of the process, we also help you create your content. Web sites are only as good as your words and images, so we give you structure and feedback through this process and keep you on track.

All our site, big or small come with the following:


Minimal Modern Design

Responsive Design


Secure and Backed Up

Search Friendly

Content Guide and Process

Minimal Modern Design

This is where we make you look amazing! Our design follows a simple minimal look that is functional. We always keep the customer journey in mind.

Responsive Design

Our websites are built for all devices (phone, tablet and desktop) and browsers. Most websites are viewed on mobile so it’s super important to have your site working well and simplifed for all devices.

Secure and Backed Up

All our sites are backed up daily and we use security plugins and protocols to keep your site secure. Extra protection can also be purchased.

Search Friendly

We use SEO Friendly technology to help boost your site and get you found on Google by your customers. 

Content Guide and Process

Having a hot web design is one thing, but your site is only as good as your content. You are busy, and we don’t want you to have rushed or unfinished information. We will give you step by step guide and hold your hand to your timeline.

how we build your site

This is an overview on the process we follow to get you from a ‘digital vision’ to ‘go live’. On sign up you will get our custom project plan and materials, specific to you to work through.

First Step and Quotation

First we chat…let’s make sure we are going to be a succesful partner in this and are a good fit. 

Then we scope out the project and provide you with a full quotation. We will be clear with you about any costs and the work required before we start. It’s important to us that you have time and resources to work on this with us.

Once you are ready to proceed we start the process….


This is huge! What do you want to achieve from your website. From simple to complex goals we have you covered. Here we decide on your brand, web design and structure, and techonology integrations needed

Build Phase

This is where the action happens. We take all the information from Discover and give you a set of action items to tick off so we can  build your site. 

Site Review

We offer 2 site reviews before going live. Once for design, and then for accuracy and tweaks. 

Go Live and Maintence Plan

We will show you the launch plan and how to get your website out there for your audience. A good website needs to be current, maintained, secure and reviewed. 

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