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passionate about small business

Jump to Digital wants to be on your team. We just aren’t about web design. You need the tools and a process to follow to bring the right content to the front. We make sure you get that done! We all know how overworked you are in small business. We aim to be your resource during this time. We pick a realistic timeframe, which you decide on and hold you to it!

We are about showcasing your business, either to attract your local customers or to the world. 

Hey! I’m Cassie

With digital solutions being so accessible to small business, it seems so easy to take advantage. But it’s a complicated and overwhelming process. This is where I want step in. I want small business to succeed, I love small business and shop as much as I can from great local Australian Businesses. I would more if I could find them.

2020 showed how important it was to be visible online. I am passionate for community money to be redirected from the global powerhouses to business that have wonderful people behind them.

A little about me……I’m a tech professional, mum, mad Bombers fan and a golf hack.

I spend most of my day with airpods in my ears, chilling to Audiobooks, podcasts or really loud music (so loud my kids tell me off). At the end of the day I like to read trashy romance novels to unwind.

I am sincerely happy to chat through your goals and share my thoughts, even if you aren’t ready yet.

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